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Adventures in Media

We are now more than ever able to engage users in unique ways. Advertisements are now the background noise that we ignore . Inversely, if you can engage a user with an enjoyable experience, they’ll both remember it and tell their friends. Wether it’s a website, video, poster or anything else; media should be impactful, strike up emotion and imagination in a viewer. I work in all things media including: Music Videos, Animations, Graphic Design, Web, Illustrations and more. I use After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender, Z brush, Logic and various other programs. I have produced work for Maker Studios (Disney), Sony Music, Epitaph Records, Tooth and Nail Records (EMI), Kraft, The New Wheel iPhone App and More.

I really like to make Rad Vids!

These are some samples of my Video, Animation, Effects and Color Correction work.

RadVids from David Prindle on Vimeo.


In some countries, it is considered honorable to hire a Multi-Media Designer.


Ooooooh Did you say Designer and Illustrator?

I am both a Designer and Illustrator. I can develop Print Media, UI, Infographics, Apparel Prints, Code/Design Websites and more.



Ahhhhhh Wait, Video and Animation too?

I can offer Filming, Editing, Visual Effects and Color Correct; along with 2D Animation, 3D Modeling/Animation and Motion Graphics.


Video Games

Whoaaaa So many options!

More recently I have been getting asked to design and code games for iPphone and Android. This is another service that I am able to offer.

Really! It's Totally Cool to Contact Me!


Ray Tomlinson invented email in 1972. He picked the @ symbol for sending messages through computers.